Company History

Ignite Printing developed out of a desire to provide affordable, great looking printing products to small and medium sized businesses, and to non-profit, Christian organizations.  

As we continue to grow, we aim to make the entire process of ordering printing as easy as possible for our clients. 

Ignite Printing started in 2013 as Jenn Graphics, as a home office venture, located in an office in the home of Jennifer Winter. Jenn Graphics grew its customer base until the fall of 2016 where its name changed to Ignite Printing and it moved to a visible retail location at 37 Perth Street in Brockville.  This move to Perth Street increased the visibility of this printing service as it was a corner location with four large widows used for promotional displays and a wide, attractive sidewalk allowing for outdoor signage. This was home to our first few printing machines. 

When Ignite outgrew its Perth Street location (600 square feet), Ignite  moved into a double unit in Ormond Street Plaza. This location has allowed Ignite to grow and meet the rising demand for printing and services. 

Ignite has changed from being a print broker business (outsourcing all of its printing) to obtaining the necessary digital printing machinery and bindery and currently does most of the printing in house (on location). 

Under Jenn's leadership, Ignite Printing became a fast-growing printing business in Brockville.

At a time when most printing firms take two weeks to print an order, Ignite Printing would commonly print and have ready within 24-48 hours, including large format items. 

It seems like every company talks about the importance of customer service, but one of the lasting cornerstones of our business is the way our customers feel about doing business with us. Our dependability and reliability have become very renowned. When you work fast, hardly ever miss a deadline, have fair prices, and treat people with dignity and respect it's hard not to grow your business. 

We invite you to consider using our printing the next time your company needs printing. There's a reason why we keep growing, year over year,  and we would love the opportunity to demonstrate that for you on your next printing order. You see, we do things very differently than the other printers in our community, and we believe we can provide the best all-around experience for you if you'll give us a try.

If you would like to talk to us, please call 613.865.7494. We would be happy to discuss how we can help your business succeed and prosper. Feel free to ask for Jennifer Winter, the owner, when you call, and to inquire about taking a 30 minute tour of our business, hosted by Jennifer.